One year in with GribGrab


It’s been roughly a year since Grip Grab and I joined forces and in that time I’ve been purposely trying my hand at testing their gear out by bombing mountains with the DH to typical Cannock Chase loops on the XC.

I started out wondering whether I should subtly fit it into my content, but if I’m honest, if I was following someone and they we’re partnering with a brand, I would just prefer a straight up front airing of activity. So that’s what I’ve done.

So purpose of this article? Well it has been roughly a year since partnering and I feel the need to provide them a conclusion of my thoughts, but also to you guys too. So, Grip Grab who?

I’ll kick it off – its good stuff! And that’s not me saying it just because I get it for free. I’ve been using Troy Lee Design gear for a while now and I have to say, the quality of the products from Grip Grap is better. They feel hand crafted rather than mass produced. The quality of the materials is by far better, not to mention the finish too.

GripGrab mainly create Gloves and winter warming products, not a lot compared to Troy Lee Designs, but you can feel that focused attention on their smaller range of products. Every detail has been thought of from where the stiches, padding and velcro are. It changes for example between the glove range, depending on if it’s a gravity glove or cross country glove.  I’ve ordered a few more bits this year, from full fingers gloves to Jersey’s so I’ll keep you posted on those.

For now though, I would if you’re in the market, thoroughly recommend the GripGrab brand. If you want gear that feels good, has the endurance and doesn’t make you look like a Christmas tree, give them a go. You’ll be surprised.