Prepping for Winter; Base layers.


As a reminder, a base layer provides that critical foundation to any layering system when prepping for a cold environment; cycling or skiing. Often in my case, I resort to using an old t-shirt instead but its ability to facilitate temperature regulation and perspiration management, are not its strengths. Cue sweaty back, pause to cool down and then freeze as soon as a hint of a breeze blows over you. Its time to be an adult with my riding gear, get something that works and works well so I can focus on the matter at hand, riding! Wearing a proper baselayer doesn’t just get round the issue of a sweaty back; the insulation of the lower arms helps warm blood from the body's core to flow down to the hands, keeping the extremity region warm. Aka, warm fingers, leading to accurate brake lever feel in even the most cold conditions.

So when GripGrab emailed me earlier in the summer and said they had some news around Base Layers my ears pricked. The Danish brand as you’ll likely have seen on my channels have been sponsoring me for a while and I've learnt they don’t make bad products.


A few months later and I’ve now got my new Base Layers - the GripGrab Freedom Seamless Thermal Base Layer LS. Long name, sounds technical, but is it any good?

Seamless Winter Base Layers –The Freedom seamless are made using a circular knit technology, which means they require no stitching. Cool. The technology provides a high-stretch synthetic fabric that is has good insulation and good wicking capabilities.

 Warp-Knit Winter Base Layers - For the ultimate fit, the Freedom Seamless Thermal base layer is what Grip Grab call a warp-knitted base layer. Their pioneering technology allows fabric thickness to be contoured throughout it, as well as it being seamless. This results in their ability to place added insulation in specific areas, yet also integrate high-stretch areas to provide a superb fit.

Antibacterial - Another interesting feature GripGrab don’t bring to light is the antibacterial function their material has – i.e you’re not forced to wash it after every ride because it stinks. Instead, I’ve used my three times in a row now ( I know, don’t judge me) and it still smells as fresh as it came! Impressive.

 So what are my overall thoughts? Well, it just works. I’m not made aware of any discomfort, excessive heat built up or uncomfortable fitting. It just works, both in slightly warm conditions (15C with a Jersey on over the top) and at around 5C. This Base Layer feels properly engineered.

They also feel very plush. As with all Grip Grab products (and I’m not just saying this) they feel expensive, they feel like they’ve chosen the best materials they could in creating it. So like with all of life’s luxuries they make you feel good when wearing them.

So, as Winter approaches and the temperatures start to drop, there’s even less reasons not to ride! Thanks GripGrab.