Thorpe Cloud - I've got to.


I've found a new spot I've got to ride.  

I headed to Davedale in the Peak District last weekend to give my new Hero 5 Black a running. In short, it's good, check out the shots below. Key benefits over my Hero 3 Silver?


- Screen; it's obvious. It makes shooting and reviewing your shots 10 times easier than connecting with your phone. Ultimately getting you using you GoPro more than ever. 


- Exposure; the Hero 3 struggled with varying light levels in one shot, but the Hero 5 tackles it well, akin to a DSLR. Shots now take on another dimension. 


- Voice Control; well if you like shouting at your camera up a hill... I'll get back to you all on this one. 

So Thorpe Cloud...

Im picturing this being my English Redbull Rampage and Instabanger opportunity. 

At nearly 1000ft high, not only do you get great views of the surrounding countryside, there appear to be various routes down. Fast and smooth, or steep and rough in the gullies. Awesome.

From what I've researched on the net and social, no one has ridden down it. Likely due to legality, but that should never hold you back. So first one to ride Thorpe Cloud maybe?

So sometime later this year, with the longer days, I'll head back across to Dovedale with the Canyon to see what it's like on two wheels. 

On the topic of hills to ride, let me know if you have any suggestions in the comment below!